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I recently spoke with one of your employers at the University of Lincoln careers fair. Your interest in the employer Do your research and show your enthusiasm for working for them. Have they had any recent successes, do they work with particular clients or have any particular values that attract you?

I am extremely enthusiastic about working for AccountingFinance. I would love to work within such a fast paced organisation that works on a global level such as your company. I also want to make a difference to people's lives, an ethos at the core of AccountingFinance's mission. Being able to work in a financial company which asssists its clients to be efficient with their finances and achieve sustainable outcomes are my guiding principles for choosing an employer. Your interest in the role Show your awareness of what the work will involve and establish your suitability for it.

I am looking to gain my first steps in accounting and receive the highest standard of training to complete my accounting qualifications. The varied nature of the role is what interests me, the opportunity to work within the different areas of Tax, Consulting and Transactions so I can fully understand the opportunities available to me upon completion of my accounting training.

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Your key strengths Without re-writing your CV, highlight your most relevant skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience that you believe will be of particular importance or interest to the employer or the role. The foundation of knowledge I have gained from studying Business and Finance will help me greatly.

From my work with the Banking, Investment and Trading society at the University of Lincoln I have developed the analytical ability, methodical approach and problem-solving skills that would be essential for this graduate scheme. My previous experience in retail environment providing excellent service to customers will be transferable when working with different types of clients from global companies to individuals. This is also confirmed through my work with Dejuner Accounting where I maintained a client base demonstrating I have the interpersonal skills to work with clients.

Other important information Make sure you include responses to any specific things asked by the employer to cover in the job advert such as hours of availability or if you have special needs that will need to be catered to in an interview.

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As I have now graduated from the University of Lincoln I am available to start with AccountingFinance in September on the three year contract that is being offered. A positive conclusion You can thank the employer for their time and express how you look forward to hearing from them.

This is also a good time to reiterate your preferred methods of contact and availability for an interview. Any stand-out attributes. For example, do you have excellent customer service skills? Hobbies and interests.

Highlighting your personal qualities gives an insight to the recruiter on how well you would fit with the company's dynamics, which employers highly value. No work experience? Sounds like a damaging thought. Luckily enough you have a truckload of valuable educational experience to sell yourself. Follow these simple steps to make sure your cover letter is not placed on the no pile.

Work experience is lacking, but not your education. Did you achieve any accomplishments during school? Win any awards?

Or did you simply reach your predicted grades? What may seem mediocre to you, can be of value to the employer. Across any application, you should display enthusiasm towards the role. No one wants a deadpan candidate! In this case, you should demonstrate your positive attitude to start a first-time position. Do you also have career aspirations? Share this in your cover letter too! Employers love soft skills. It shows off your qualities and your ability to work with other people. And luckily enough, you don't need work experience to get you started with that. Those dreaded group projects you did back at school helps harness in those teamwork skills.

Whereas science subjects can help develop analytical skills! You can still match your skillset to a job description without work experience, all you have to do is think back to school. Take a look at our cover letter examples to gain some ideas. Try and not copy all of it, though. James is writing his cover letter for an HR placement opportunity at a data-security company. In this example, you can see he has listed extra-curricular activities, any relevant work experiences and reasons why he feels the role is suited to him.

There has been plenty of research into the company too - showing determination and an inquisitive nature to learn more about the position. In response to your vacancy at [Name of Company] I wish to apply and express my interest. I would like to work for [Name of Company], due to many reasons. Firstly, they are continuously raising awareness of data privacy, which I have a great interest in and wish to develop my understanding of cyber-security as I communicate mostly using emails. Secondly, I admire the values [Name of Company] incorporate into their business, for example, I undertook a module in Counselling Skills, which heavily focused on the importance of integrity.

Thirdly, [Name of Company] continuous growth in providing international and award-winning services matches my determination to grow into a role that offers many opportunities in the HR industry. The role at [Name of Company] appeals to me greatly - in previous work experience I was responsible for training newly recruited employees and offered them support throughout their employment, therefore I wish to develop these skills further and apply them to a specific HR role.

Responsibilities such as overseeing retention initiatives, organising development projects and managing employee relations are all areas of interest and therefore would apply my highly enthusiastic attitude to develop new and existing skills. Additionally, I would utilise excellent customer service and interpersonal skills and apply them to a fast-paced HR environment.

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I am suitable for the role at [Name of Company] and would apply many skills. Firstly, I have demonstrated my excellent interpersonal skills by working in a customer-facing environment and would use communication, motivation and team playing skills to ensure targets were met. I enjoy problem-solving and this has been developed by dealing with challenging customer complaints, I would neutralise the situation by applying negotiating and listening skills, which led to customers being satisfied. I will apply initiative to the role and this has been evident in my approach to University, which I successfully balance academic and extracurricular activities such as being Course Representative and Student Ambassador to continuously develop my professional profile.

I would like to thank you for considering my application, enclosed is my C. V with my contact details. To write a cover letter with no experience may seem like a waste of time, but there are many ways to write one! The first paragraph is a short introduction. Followed with skills and accomplishments.

The third paragraph highlights why you are fit for the role and lastly a nice little conclusion. I wish to express my interest in your advertised vacancy for a Shop Assistant at [Name of Company]. The role appealed to me greatly for many reasons. Firstly, I undertook two-weeks work experience in a school, this required me to engage with students to ensure the lessons were run smoothly.

This highly energetic role is what inspired me to help people and I wish to apply it in a retail setting. I have previously shopped in your store and understand the business it can reach; therefore I would use my energy to handle busy peak periods, but my initiative when the store is quiet.

Before we begin...

During school, I was part of a group to help design a new lunch menu. The project involved brainstorming sessions, designing the menu and presenting it to a group of senior staff. I learned valuable skills from this experience including collaboration, presentation and time management too.

I was also responsible for a volunteer project at school, whereby as a team we were responsible for coming up with ideas to raise money. This demonstrates integrity and honesty due to handling finances, whereby I was praised by senior staff for my efforts. With the combination of my educational accomplishments and work attitude, I am confident that I am fit for the position. Thank you for taking the time to read my application and I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Ellie Greene.

Your cover letter has finally been completed. What a masterpiece, you think. You feel like a literary grandmaster. Until you open a new email, put your CV and cover letter in the attachment and just before you press send, you realise that there is still one hurdle to take: writing an accompanying e-mail. An empty email with just an attachment is strange. But what do you write in the accompanying e-mail? Read it through and make sure the documents are attached You'd be surprise how many times people send a blank email!