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Tuck School of Business MBA essay analysis and tips

The Tuck MBA essay questions are mostly new — but dang it, they are short!! We shall see what you come up with when you submit your Tuck essays to be decimated!! Tuck also has a standard optional essay, which like all other schools should only be deployed to explain something that is not otherwise obvious or covered elsewhere in the application, and they have a traditional reapplicant essay requiring you to discuss improvements made since your prior application.

You may also want to check out the archive of Tuck application questions below. Why does that matter? Well, only about four years ago, their full range was to — so as you can see, the low end is almost points HIGHER than it used to be. Shocking stuff, these GMAT trends have been.

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The deadlines for Tuck are:. It really is optional! Our Tuck MBA Application Guide explains the interview policy and the advantage it offers — and everything else you need to know for a Class of app!

HBS App and Rec’s Submitted + An Invite from Tuck

Tuck has standardized a lot of policies and processes, however they are still unique in other ways, and your experience applying to Tuck will be different than it is for many other schools like Yale or MIT. Our Guide walks you through everything you need to know to put together a top-notch application for this very selective school.

Included in case you want to see what Dartmouth asked before and what we said about it. Our Tuck MBA application guide has been totally overhauled to help you make the most of the opportunities they are offering to present examples of how you are a fit to this culture. The Tuck MBA essay questions were brand-new for — everything was different, but in some ways, not. The best part of these questions are their clarity. That part is good clearly-written questions is not something Tuck has always succeeded at.

The difficult part is that there is A LOT of writing — and deep thinking!! In past years, Tuck has issued a wordcount guideline rather than a limit. If you use the full space, the content must justify the length. Can the responses to the short-answer questions go long? Given how very generous they are with the base essays — 1, words total — then you should be extremely careful to be concise if you need to use the optional essay especially.


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The reapp essay may need to leverage its entire word allowance. So, your experience applying to Tuck will be different than it is for many other schools like Yale or MIT. Those are below. So they did away with all of that, which is nice, but does not actually matter in any significant way for the crop of BSers thinking about their app strategies for and the Class of We will cover these changes in the Tuck Essay Guide when we do our refresh, which you can expect soon after essay questions and requirements are formally announced in Hanover.

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How did you respond, and what did you learn about yourself as a result? Lots of awesome possibilities here!!! Talking about where something did not go well is one of the BEST opportunities to show who you are. Try not to overhype it though! We definitely are pleased that Tuck changed them from what they asked last year! Great stuff! Shocking stuff, these GMAT trends.

Haas MBA Essay Analysis - 2012-2013 Season - Write Like an Expert 2012

Two essays, words each, maybe a little longer for the first one. As a diverse and global community, our students arrive at the same place from many different paths. Tuck did not pull the punch on the questions for the Class of application! Lucky you — because these are great questions to show the strengths of your profile! Tuck has always cared about career goals as an important element of your application, and they changed the wording this year from what they had previously — and now this is a great career goals question! The optional essay is only to be used if you really need it.

That would be a strategic misstep. The career goals question is really asking for the same thing as they have always wanted to know about. In , Tuck stuck to its guns and kept its own recommendations; this school did NOT have standardized recommendation questions last year. This was, frankly, an advantage to applicants, in our opinion. The other key change from last year?

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Besides the fact that they lopped off one entire essay from the set? This distinction is important. We go into detail on this in our Tuck MBA essay guide. Again, this is discussed in the new Tuck strategy guide. Tip: Tuck has a separate application process for their scholarships, with an additional essay and deadlines shortly after the standard round deadline. In terms of deadlines: was essentially the same as they had in except that they moved the January due date to the first Monday after the New Year, which is a relief; in January , they had apps due on the Friday when everyone was still in holiday vacation-mode.

Great questions! Not too different! Classic Tuck! And they give you some room to actually answer them. These should be easy for you. For orientation to hang them please ask in the Congress Secretary, where people from our staff will help you.

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