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Population explosion is the most serious problem facing our country today. As on March 1. The population growth has been extremely rapid in the last 50 years. The phenomenal growth rate in population is largely because of the industrial and technological revolutions that had taken place in the recent times. The new technologies have not only brought down the death rate because of the vastly improved Medicare resulting in increased life expectancies, but had also facilitated increased food production to take care of food needs of the increasing population.

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Though population explosion is a major problem being faced by several other countries too, with the world population estimated to reach 7 billion by the beginning of the 21 st century, the problem is much more severe in India because of the increasing pressure on the limited resources of the country. With the growth of food grains not keeping pace with the increase in population during some years because of the unfavourable weather conditions, the specter of hunger hunts millions of households in the country. Even when the country is fortunate enough to have a bumper crop, these hungry households do not have the economic strength or purchasing power to buy the required food grains. The phenomenal population growth exerts immense pressure on other basic necessities like education, health, housing, clothing, employment opportunities etc. With employment opportunities in the rural areas becoming scarce, population explosion is resulting in increasing migration of rural poor to the urban areas in search of jobs.

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The increasing pressure on the urban areas is giving rise to more number of slums and this is multiplying the problems in the urban areas as health is the first casualty in slums. To check ill-effects of population growth on the socio-economic front, the Indian government had lunched the Family Planning Programme in Even though the law does not allow marriage below 18 years, but in many areas, the marriages are still occurring at lower ages.

Poverty and Illiteracy are the major concerns for the population. In order to overcome the poverty, people tend to give birth to more children in order to increase the bread earners.

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The illiteracy has stopped the basic understanding of the family planning and healthy life. The outdated cultural norm of having Son is causing huge population in India. Generally, people keep on giving birth until a son is born.

In fact, more the son, better it is, feel many and thus increasing the population even more. The Government of India and many other Non-Profit Organizations have taken stern steps to control the alarming rate of population increase. The best and most important solution is to create the awareness among the people. People are trying to reach people even in remote areas to increase the awareness of the family planning and population control.

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Education plays the biggest role in the population control and thus Government is trying to educate more people to control the population. Various camps are organized for the educating the people on various aspects to control the population and increasing the healthy life. Law and Enforcement have been made stricter for any violation that can impact the quality of life and increase the population.