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It may be helpful to sort examples of actual student work into three piles: the very best, the poorest and those in between.

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Try to articulate what makes the good assignments good and the poor assignments poor. P re K Education.


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Decide what you want to grade for this assignment or activity

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Sign up now to download it for free. Of those tests, many of them are tests with over 40 questions.

I believe in one thing specifically: Grading based purely off of assessments is setting kids up for major anxiety and feelings of failure. Students that conduct their own science experiments at home based off of inquiries they have about their world. These students understand profit and loss, reinvesting in their business, and marketing.

So what can we do in class? We reimagine our grading and teaching process.

Essay Grading Tips

We provide activities that allow for student choice like project-based learning , and we grade them in a way that assesses the whole student and their abilities. We grade using checklists, rubrics, and self-assessments. There are many different ways that you can grade students using checklists.

You can create a standard checklist to check off when they show you they understand skills. Writing teachers can set expectations in two forms: analytical and holistic rubrics.

Writing Rubrics

Both identify criteria for the essay, but then their paths diverge. Analytical rubrics are broken down into a grid explaining different measurement levels of each criteria.

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  7. Fans of the analytical rubric find them incredibly helpful for evaluating how different criteria are fulfilled and for calculating grades, but they can prove to be unwieldy to create and time-consuming to apply. However, when assessment and data collection are a reality of writing instruction, analytical rubrics are useful in departmental assessments. As an alternative, Gonzalez suggests a three-column format that gives teachers the opportunity to pinpoint feedback to individual students. This unique holistic rubric allows teachers to provide detailed feedback while also judging a piece of writing with a criteria-driven framework.

    Holistic rubrics tend to combine the necessary criteria into one single grade assessment of the overall piece, having closely measured that piece against the requirements for the writing assignment.