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Dyess and Sherman found that new graduate nurses expressed concerns about their ability to delegate and supervise other nurses or unlicensed assistive personnel as they felt unprepared to deal with any type of conflict, they tend to avoid any type of situation rather than confront the situation, as they felt unequipped to explore to conflict professionally.

Another issue encountered by the NGN is the ability to communicate with physicians and other members of the multidisciplinary team of which interactions with physicians were a source of anxiety and stress. Moreover, the lack of professional confidence that new graduate may feel can be heightened, when another professional expresses disgust or uses a gruff tone. Morrow states that most graduate nurses experience horizontal violence in their first year of practice, they felt undervalued and neglected by other nurses and experienced rude and humiliating verbal statements and unjust criticism.

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The most common form of horizontal violence was in form of psychological harassment, which includes intimidation, exclusion, and innuendos. The cumulative impact may lead to absenteeism and frustration that may lead to the consideration of leaving the nursing profession Morrow, In order for the factors and issues that surround the transition from a student to a graduate nurse to be addressed, certain strategies needs to be implemented that can ease the transition period.

An Important strategy that can be implemented to assist the graduate nurses to assimilate into a professional working environment is a graduate program. The creation of formal preceptor and mentorship is an effective strategy to facilitate a successful transition. A preceptor is an assigned role in which a capable employee assists with the development and orientation of the new graduate; they are usually responsible for evaluation and supervising the work of the preceptee.

However, a mentor actively supports the graduate nurse with personal and career development, personal support, counseling and acceptance. Also, they help the novice nurse to raise their confidence and recognise their limitations. NGN require resources and information that are designed to facilitate their adjustment in a clinical area, which will enable them to gain skills and knowledge to perform satisfactorily in their job. Resources such as an orientation program involves the induction of a NGN to the organisational mission and vision statement, as well as an introduction to the procedures and policies related to nursing activities such as medication administration.

An appropriate orientation and induction program will ensure that a NGN can safely plan and conduct patient care. Effective strategies that enhance the time management skills which is one of the above mentioned issue for new graduates are to arrive to work much earlier, avoiding distractors such as focusing on issues of co-workers, assess patients to note if any extra supplies will be needed to carry out clinical procedures, keeping shift record on track and to chart during the shift and not at the end of the shift and prioritise task to be performed Booth, However, to prioritise task the novice nurse needs to learn how to delegate.

Debrief is a form of retrospective analysis of critical incidents that are encountered in nursing, it is a critical incident-reduction technique that incorporates, structured phases of group discussion. However, not all scholarships and grants are alike. Numerous scholarships are restricted to certain schools or states. In other cases, scholarships might be reserved for students from certain backgrounds or who are pursuing specialized certifications.

Below you will find a list of scholarships and grants that are nationally available to help students of varying levels on their path towards a long and rewarding career in nursing. Be sure to read each scholarship's rules and regulations before applying.

Good luck! This scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students. To learn more about this scholarship, visit their website: A Nurse I Am. More information about this scholarship can be found here on their website.

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In m the A. The scholarship was named in memory of A. Students must have at least a 3. Visit the A. Anderson Memorial Scholarship website to learn more. ACLS Medical Training seeks to improve outcomes by empowering individual paramedics, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and physicians.

Entrants will be asked to write an essay between and words on assisting someone or preparing to assist someone in a life support scenario. Any high school senior or college student is eligible to apply. Learn more about this scholarship here.

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Each year, the Florida Nurses Foundation provides information on funds for nursing students and registered nurses for scholarship and research grants. The mission of the Florida Nurses Foundation is to promote the field of nursing through the advancement of research, education, and practice. On their site, you will be able to download various scholarship and research grant applications. More information on the scholarships through the Florida Nurses Foundation can be found on their website.

Entrants must have been members of AHNA for at least one year and must submit a page research proposal. Applicants should be doctoral students who will use funds to support their research. More information on this scholarship can be found on their website. The Tylenol Future Care Scholarship offers a variety of different scholarships to students in the United States who are working towards furthering their education in any facet of health care.

Tylenol has been offering this scholarship for over 20 years and is proud to continue supporting those dedicated to the field of health care.

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Read more on the Tylenol Future Care Scholarship here. Students should also maintain a 3. Learn more about ACB's scholarship guidelines and complete the online application here. It will be granted to a nursing enrolled in an accredited program who commits to spending two years after graduation in long-term care or geriatrics. Nursing students in an undergraduate or graduate program are eligible to apply for this scholarship. MLA format traces its history to when it was first published as a thin booklet.

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Today, MLA is the primary citation system used by academics and professionals in the humanities, English, literature, media studies, and cultural studies. To adapt to the rapid growth of new mediums over the past few decades, MLA continually updates its citation system. Students may visit the MLA Style Center for in-depth information on new guidelines and ongoing changes.

Published in , the original AP Stylebook was marketed to journalists and other professionals associated with the Associated Press. AP now stands as the go-to style for professionals in business, public relations, media, mass communications, and journalism.

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AP style prioritizes brevity and accuracy. The style includes specific guidelines regarding technological terms, titles, locations, and abbreviations and acronyms. Unlike the previous styles, AP does not use parenthetical or in-text citations. Rather, writers cite sources directly in the prose. For more information, including style-checking tools and quizzes, visit the Associated Press Stylebook. Because nurses rely on scientific terms and information, professionals in the field usually use APA style. Nursing students can expect to learn APA style as soon as they enroll in a major course. However, they should also prepare to learn other styles as part of their academic training.

For example, freshman composition classes tend to focus on MLA guidelines. Active and passive voice represent two different ways to present the same piece of information.

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Active voice focuses on the subject performing an action. For example, the dog bites the boy. This format creates clear, concise, and engaging writing. Using active voice, nurses might write, I administered patient care at Passive voice, on the other hand, focuses on the object of the sentence or the action being performed.

For example, the boy was bitten by the dog. Professionals in the sciences often use passive voice in their writing to create an objective tone and authorial distance. Additionally, nurses use passive voice because it is usually clear that the reported thoughts, actions, and opinions come from them. However, nursing students must also learn how to use active voice.

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There are 14 punctuation marks in the English language, each with multiple and sometimes overlapping uses. Additionally, certain punctuation marks only make sense in highly specific and nuanced grammatical instances. To master punctuation, students must actively learn through practice, particularly by revising their own writing.

For example, students often use colons and semicolons interchangeably, when they actually serve distinct purposes. Semicolons separate two independent clauses connected through topic or meaning.