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This poem impacted me as it made me feel true pity for Plath. She clearly loves her child more than anything else but also has an inner conflict of feeling like she does not deserve it. Child is a poem about a mothers hopes and love for her child. The poem begins with a bright, affectionate and loving tone.

This light and optimistic language gives a gentle tone to the poem. At the same time though she is merely speaking of intentions and actions she would like to do. She makes no mentions of definite plans or possibilities. The poem takes a clear change of attitude in the final stanza. The mother no longer talks about what grand things she would like for her child but instead focuses on the dark reality.

This imagery is very effective for conveying the anxious feeling held by Plath. It suggests unease and uncertainty. The speaker is evidently nervous and conflicted. She wants so much for her child but is too trapped inside her mind to give it. There is no source of light, only darkness. The poem leaves you with an empty feeling caused by the limitations life can have.

There is no silver lining, no reassuring final couplet.

Instead, we are left with nothingness, devoid of hope. In conclusion, it is clear that Plath has made a very large impact with her work. Her use of unusual and dark imagery is extremely effective. Overall this is a very good piece of work and you should be proud of it. I'm in fifth year and realise how difficult writing poetry responses can be! Just a few little pointers: - Firstly, I would agree with giving reference to at least four poems. You can also make a comparison between another poem by Plath if you wish i.

I would suggest doing perhaps a longer introduction as this is key as well as a longer ending in my opinion. Usually when I'm writing, I write roughly two thirds of a page for an introduction. This gives a great impression to the examiner. Similarly, for the ending I would write a half a page and give details of how I found the poem. Then in the middle, I would have four three quarters of a page full answers and each would be based on one of her pieces.

Also, you cannot say 'it's' in these answers or "can't" "don't" as you must write cannot, do not etc. I know - it is a pain! Best of luck and keep up the good writing!!

Thanks from: cam Not gonna lie and say I read that, so can't comment on content really, after skimming it though here's a few points - Certainly needs at least 4 poems, if not 5. You're only in 5th year though, just keep reading and when writing try think of what you're going to say and then think if there are any more exciting words you can replace what you've got with. Your vocab will build up over time so no immediate worry - I see you include yourself in it a lot, 'I felt' etc, this is very good, keep it up and the conclusion should contain some form of personal opinion as well.

Again, this is not a poor answer but it could indeed do with a little work. I would agree with the other posters in that covering 4 poems would be best. It is a good idea to spend two paragraphs on this to make a strong initial impact on the examiner.

Leaving Cert Poetry Predictions, Breaking down Paper 1 and Paper 2 with Gavin Cowzer

Discuss in depth. Try to diversify your vocabulary and show you have a deeper understanding of the poem on a 'metaphysical level'. This is the place to stick in one of her less complex poems often ones that are also on the ordinary level syllabus , unless you can provide a more complex reflection on them. Paragraph 5: Move on to your third poem.

Again, be concise. Most students start strong but fade out towards the end. If you end on a high note, it will make you stand out. Regarding Plath, I would recommend taking on 'Elm' at the end.

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It is very challenging, but it will offer you the best opportunity to show you understand and appreciate her poetry on a more sophisticated level. DON'T list what you just discussed, offer a personal insight. I think a revision book such as Key Notes would help you.

You can incorporate some of their more impressive phrases with your own opinions. I haven't written an answer on Plath so far this year but I have some A standard ones on Frost and a few Othellos I don't mind mailing you?

Old Age in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry

Good Luck! Gryffindor: Does metaphysical not refer to John Donne and other poets of his era, in reference to poetry? I'm not sure really. It's definitely a nice word if it's correct in that context so that's why I;d like to know! I found it easy to talk about given that we're living through it and we're always talking about. Text 3 on childhood memories, made it easy to take a personal approach and include funny anecdotes from life".

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