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All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Big data are datasets that grow so large that they become awkward to work with using onhand database management tools. Embedding Analytics in Decision Management Systems In-database analytics offer a powerful tool for embedding advanced analytics in a critical component of IT infrastructure. What is Big Data? Characteristics of Big Data Enter Hadoop Microsoft Big Data Solutions Optimize Your Data Warehouse with Hadoop The first steps to transform the economics of data warehousing.

This white paper addresses the challenge of controlling the rising costs of operating and maintaining. Are You Ready for Big Data? How do you leverage Big Data in your company? How do you prepare for a Big Data initiative? Recommended hardware system configurations for ANSYS users The purpose of this document is to recommend system configurations that will deliver high performance for ANSYS users across the entire range.

Danny Wang, Ph. Questions Is Hadoop.

Big Data Analytics 1 Priority Discussion Topics What are the most compelling business drivers behind big data analytics? Do you have or expect to have data scientists on your staff, and what will be their. April 1, Contents Big data: from hype to value Deconstructing data science Managing big data Analyzing. Aligning Your Strategic Initiatives with a Realistic Big Data Analytics Roadmap 3 key strategic advantages, and a realistic roadmap for what you really need, and when , Cognizant Topics to be discussed.

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Big Data Big Deal? Salford Systems www. Big Data and the Data Warehouse When the phrase big data management hit the data management and business intelligence BI industry, it had many IT professionals wondering if it would be the real deal. Reconciliations of the differences. How does MicroStrategy Analytics. With more than connectors,. Welcome to Today s Web Seminar!

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Page 1 A change in focus. Welcome back! We will have more fun. How does MicroStrategy connects to Hadoop? Customer Case. Instead of thinking about how to apply the insights of big data to business. Published: April Applies to: SQL Server Copyright The information contained in this document represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation on the issues discussed as of the date of publication.

Big Data Are You Ready? It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated. E-Guide Real-world Big Data strategies for analytics For some organizations, one of the biggest challenges associated with managing and analyzing super-large data sets is finding valuable information that. Big Data, Why All the Buzz? All Rights Reserved. What is BI? Log in Registration. Search for. Size: px. Start display at page:. Gloria Palmer 2 years ago Views:. Similar documents. Big data technologies can replace highly customized, expensive legacy systems with a standard solution More information.

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October Cloudera and Vertica More information. Big Data. Fast Forward. Putting data to productive use Big Data Putting data to productive use Fast Forward What is big data, and why should you care? Getting started with big data to realize More information.

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More information. Mike Maxey. Copyright EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Examples and Case Studies

Big Data, Big Traffic. In-Database Analytics Embedding Analytics in Decision Management Systems In-database analytics offer a powerful tool for embedding advanced analytics in a critical component of IT infrastructure. This white paper addresses the challenge of controlling the rising costs of operating and maintaining More information. As the company faced issues with an overtaxed infrastructure, IHG also wanted to collect, integrate and analyze even more data in order to drive the business forward.

IHG needed to expand its understanding of guest experiences by collecting and integrating guest information with information about customer relationship management campaigns, market analysis, direct marketing, hotel operations, reservations and even contracts. Clearly a new data warehouse was in order.

The selection process began in late with an evaluation of systems from three leading vendors. In addition to system performance, IHG considered speed of implementation, initial price, total cost of ownership and the ability of any new system to expand to handle even larger data volume.

By March , the new platform was live and supporting many functions. Additional functions were added over the next few months and in June the new system was completely functional. In July, the old system was fully retired and shut down. As the world of business becomes more global and complex, the need for business intelligence and data warehousing tools also becomes more prominent. The fast improving information technology tools and techniques seem to be moving in the right direction to address the needs of the future business intelligence systems.

What steps can an organization take to ensure the security and confidentiality of cus- tomer data in its data warehouse? What skills should a DWA possess? What are the recent technologies that may shape the future of data warehousing? Academic-oriented cases are available at the Harvard Business School Case Collection harvardbusinessonline.

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For additional case resources, see Teradata University Network teradatauniversitynetwork. For data warehousing cases, we specifically recommend the following from the Teradata University Network teradatauniversitynetwork. Vendors are listed in Table 2. Also see technologyevaluation.

Imhoff, N. Galemmo, and J. New York: Wiley.