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Behavioral problems can be linked to a difficult personality, which leads to problems of interacting with others, impulsiveness, and being unable to conform. These children may not blend into school activities and become ignored and rebellious. Some become depressed and take medication that can produce serious behavioral side effects.

Broken family relationships can also be a major factor. Harshly treated children are more likely to behave violently later in life. Being bullied or teased by others can often lead a troubled youth to violent revenge or retribution. This factor showed up repeatedly in the school shootings of the s and beyond.

It received the most attention from school administrators and others in the early twenty-first century. Learning violent behavior can come from a dysfunctional or abnormal home life, perhaps involving domestic abuse or parents who do not respond well to authority figures such as the police. From this type of home environment, youth learn to react to authority such as teachers or school officials with aggression.

Some believe learned violent behavior also comes from repeated exposure to violence in the media such as music lyrics, Hollywood movies, television programs, video games, and hour news stations broadcasting violent or graphic scenes.

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Studies showed that youth exposed to an overwhelming amount of such material became more aggressive and no longer upset by violence and its consequences. These kids, it is believed, have trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy. Schools themselves have changed a great deal since the s, and by the later twentieth century they brought a wide range of students together from often markedly different social environments.

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Differences appear in attitudes and behavior that can lead to social cliques or racial tensions. A major change was the emergence of gangs, which doubled between and Gang activity within schools included recruiting new members, which often led to school violence as part of initiation. In addition, illegal activities in the vicinity of the school increased, such as selling drugs and firearms. Yet another major factor in the rise of deadly school violence was the easy availability of firearms and other weapons.

Killing others because of small conflict on a social network, Facebook is a regrettable story between a nine-grade student and a eleven-grade student in Ha Long, Quang Ninh Hoang It is a typical example which shows the seriousness of school violence and calls the support from community immediately. To students themselves, both victims and people who cause will have bad consequences. Victims can be injured slightly or seriously and even lead to death. Moreover, they often have mental injury, feel bored, worried, lonely and depressed.

The scare or haunt can make them feel stressful. It lasts for a long time and victims cannot concentrate on studying and do not want to take part in other activities with friends. People who cause violence must be responsible for what they have done. How they are disciplined depends on the serious level of violence they cause, be dismissed from school or even sentenced to prison.

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Since they are relevant to school violence, their future will not optimistic actually. Furthermore, people who see violent scene also are affected absolutely. They will feel unsafe when studying in an environment like that. If violent actions are not be punished immediately, other students can follow these negative behaviors and it makes the violent situation in schools become more and more serious.

To family, it also causes regrettable consequences. When school violence occurs, family members are the people who must to solve problems which it causes. Being not cured immediately, the victims can suffer from a lot of problems. Their family will be criticized and receive bad attitudes from social community, friends, etc.

Violence in Schools: Causes and Solutions

The children will be criticized by their parents, too. If unfortunately a student is killed, it is a pain which cannot be replaced. Try to image that the child whom you spend much labor to bring up, you care about much suddenly passed away, especially the only child in the family. So how sad you are! A lot of violent situations happen in school will create stressful learning atmosphere which does not provide appropriate conditions for students to study. Schier , p.

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A lot of students decline to go to school because they are scared to be attacked, insulted. Moreover, violent behaviors of students weaken school discipline, breakdown school rules and school reputation obviously. Because our country open market with globalization trend, effects from other countries are inevitable.

Good things of our culture are fading and virtue is ruined gradually. That school violence occurs not only in schools but outside as well causes disorderly issue. Students are the future of a nation so the demand of finding solutions is the priority of both school and authorities.

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In addition, the support from children and their family also plays a crucial role. Without them, all attempts may never successful. No single discipline alone can prevent violence. A complex problem such as violence must be prevented through a combination of approaches Barrois A child is never born as arrogant or timid, it is the atmosphere around him which affects him much. The parents will face the bad consequences happening to their children if they do not give the necessary care and education because they are the closest people to children. On a violence website www.

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From an early age, parents should monitor and adjust appropriately if their children act wrongly. School administrations should be strict on regulating rules, students harsh punishments should be avoided especially violent behaviors and teaching solutions should be advised, the way which teachers and students communicate should be enhanced to create a comfortable in studying.

Being as a friend of student is also necessary. Arguably, schools and teachers can identify unusual behavior in students. The findings above reveal that school violence in Vietnam and other parts all over the world is more and more serious. It damaged much not only the educational system, cultural beauty but also the future of a country. Sadly, there are many causes of this issue and they cannot be solved soon. However, with the raising of awareness and measures from authorities, we hope that this problem will decrease significantly and students can study well in friendly educational environments. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please:.

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