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Research shows that about two-thirds of child welfare issues can be attributed to parental substance abuse. New York has continued to experience a rise in the number of homeless individuals in the past decade. Hence, the focus of public awareness and policy implementation is to contain the growing number of homeless people within the state. One of the recommendations is that the city should seek to stabilize the homeless individuals within the shelter system and streamline preventive measures such as building new shelters for the homeless Groton, Another recommendation is that the administration should expand anti-eviction strategies like legal policies and emergency rental aid to protect families from being evicted from their apartments.

Another recommendation is that New York administration should partner with other stakeholders such as the state and the private sector in designing and implementing programs to combat homelessness. Also, the administration can partner with social workers, health professionals, and psychologists to assist victims of sexual abuse and other health conditions to transit to the shelter system Groton, These partners could be technology partners to document the numbers of homeless people and those that have found shelters. Such data is important in connecting people to various shelters thus reducing the homeless population in New York.

Finally, it is also recommended that the State of New York should implement strict policies and laws on rental assistance programs. Research shows that many individuals who get housing through housing subsidies tend to be homeless after some time. Therefore, it is recommended that the state implements strict eligibility criteria before assisting people that claim to be homeless.

For people who are chronically homeless with no steady income, it is important for the city to provide them with decent housing.

However, a significant portion of New Yorkers who seek shelter has an income that sustains them. In fact, they might be seeking shelter just to increase their disposable income which they can then use to fund other activities. As such, New York City authorities need to become extra-vigilant when evaluating people in need of shelter.

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More focus should be placed on the financial position of the applicants to avoid granting homes to people who, in real sense, can afford private housing. Strict policies will drastically reduce the number of homeless people in New York City. Coalition for the Homeless. Durham, M. The impact of deinstitutionalization on the current treatment of the mentally ill. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 12, Groton, D.

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Are housing first programs effective? A research note. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 40, Menu Menu. Background The current status of homelessness in New York City can be traced back to two significant historical events: the deinstitutionalization movement and the collapse of the single-resident occupancy housing market Durham, Causes The deinstitutionalization movement and the collapse of the single-resident occupancy housing market may have laid the foundation for homelessness to flourish in New York City. Consequences of Homelessness Homelessness has grave consequences on the homeless families, children and the state at large.

Recommendations New York has continued to experience a rise in the number of homeless individuals in the past decade. Conclusion For people who are chronically homeless with no steady income, it is important for the city to provide them with decent housing.

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Time left: 00 10 Please input your first name. Shouldn't your thesis statement be presented as a question that you are going to answer rather than as a conclusion?? The basis of a good thesis is you have identified a worthwhile problem or question which has not been previously answered and you have solved the problem or answered the question. Pengwuino said:. Dooga Blackrazor. A thesis for a twelve page paper should probably be longer.

Much more than documents.

You should argue that the US has a corrupt economic system that causes homelessness. That can be your main idea, and then you can speak about the main factors of this system that contribute to homelessness. Perhaps you could choose three main factors that connect to the main idea and do a few pages on each. Last edited by a moderator: May 2, A thesis statement is a declarative statement of the theory or assertion to be proven in the paper.

The question is posed in the introductory paragraph and answered in the last sentence of the paragraph in the thesis statement. Often, though, the thesis statement is rewritten after the body of the paper is finished because the conclusion is found to not be quite correct. I think it should be ok to state in the introductory paragraph that there is more than one reason, then state the three reasons in your thesis statement I think the first thesis statement is pretty good.

You may decide later that one is the largest factor, but that would necessitate only a minor rewriting of the thesis statement to say 'these are all factors, but the most important is this one'.

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Math Is Hard Staff Emeritus. Science Advisor. Gold Member. Politics is just NOT my topic!!! What class are you taking that makes you write a paper on time travel and then homelessness?

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On the whole, a homelessness essay follows the same structure and organization logic as any other academic paper.

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Here, a lot will depend on the exact subject you choose, your academic level, and the required number of pages you are supposed to write. Obviously, the longer the paper, the more in-depth research will be required of you. Start a paragraph with a topic sentence that acts as a summary for what you are about to discuss here. It should not include any new info or pose any new questions.

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