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Why not an e-voting system; attach with htis is a proposal. Don't mind the intorduction part of the proposal. Thanks a lot emond: I'll present all those to my groupmates then we'll scan each if we can do them:.

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Dude where the hell have u been for the past months Funny enough my Final year topic is on e-voting, and i've been working on it for a while now. Personally i think i've worked it all out, but there's been no external input on it or critic, so i dont know if its really good.

I'ld really love ur input. This is my cell no. Hi Guys!

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I also need topics for our thesis proposal that is preferably our client will be our school. What appropriate system will do? Thanks in advance for your answer. Pa help nmn mag tethesis nkmi.

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Software and hardware sya. Smile Pipili lng po sila sa 5 kung ano po na approved nila.. Sana po ay matulungan nyo ako. Salamat po ng marami.. Can you suggest atleast 10 capstone title I'm an IT student. Any title about software development, web base, or for android. Hoping you will help me. Thank you. Hope you can help me Thanks in advance! Hey emond,, thanks for the ideas you had share We will figure out who your customers are and how we can attract more through your new app. Audience engagement, research, and branding are key in app development, and we will conduct focus groups to find out why people choose [Client.

Like a website, an app needs a sitemap and wireframes. Think of this as the structural integrity of a skyscraper. Here are some highlights of this process:. PandaTip: As you know, a lot goes into developing new apps. Less is more.


Once development is complete, [Client. Company] will be back in the fold for the testing trials. Your new mobile app is built and ready to launch. But before that happens, [Sender.

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Company] and [Client. Company] need to collaborate on a marketing strategy. Of course, you know better than anyone how long the process will take and what it will cost. Company] estimates that it will take [Number.

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Months] months to complete your new mobile app. Upon signing this agreement, we can begin immediately.

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We want [Client. Company] to receive the utmost value from your investment in a new mobile app. This budget breakdown is based on the project outline described above. Please contact your project lead with any issues or questions before signing.

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One-third of the budget is due upon signing this agreement. The remaining balance must be paid within 30 days of the launch of the app. Company] charges a monthly rate of [Dollar. Amount] for hosting apps and providing necessary updates. Payments should be issued at the beginning of each month and received no later than the 15th of each month. By signing below, you agree to accept this proposal for mobile app development and any modifications already agreed upon with [Sender.

Email] Prepared by: [Sender. Greetings From [Sender. Company] Dear [Client.

LastName], I am pleased to introduce myself and my company, [Sender. Sincerely, [Sender. What to Expect Mobile app development is serious business. Research and outreach A large part of the work [Sender. Framework Like a website, an app needs a sitemap and wireframes.