Where nothing says everything thesis

An elegant-looking Norwegian family in matching shearling coats.

People from Ohio and California and Maine. Children, middle-age couples, older people. Many of them were clutching cameras and video recorders, and they were all craning to see across the street, where there was nothing to see. At least, nothing is what it first looked like, the space that is now ground zero.

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But once your eyes adjust to what you are looking at, ''nothing'' becomes something much more potent, which is absence. But to the out-of-towner, ground zero looks at first simply like a construction site. All the familiar details are there: the wooden scaffolding; the cranes, the bulldozers and forklifts; the trailers and construction workers in hard hats; even the dust.

There is the pound of jackhammers, the steady beep-beep-beep of trucks backing up, the roar of heavy machinery. So much busyness is reassuring, and it is possible to stand looking at the cranes and trucks and feel that mild curiosity and hopefulness so often inspired by construction sites. Then gradually your eyes do adjust, exactly as if you have stepped from a dark theater into a bright afternoon, because what becomes most striking about this scene is the light itself.

Ground zero is a great bowl of light, an emptiness that seems weirdly spacious and grand, like a vast plaza amid the dense tangle of streets in lower Manhattan. Light reflecting off the Hudson River vaults into the site, soaking everything -- especially on an overcast morning -- with a watery glow. This is the moment when absence begins to assume a material form, when what is not there becomes visible. Suddenly you notice the periphery, the skyscraper shrouded in black plastic, the boarded windows, the steel skeleton of the shattered Winter Garden.

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Suddenly there are the broken steps and cracked masonry in front of Brooks Brothers. Suddenly there are the firefighters, the waiting ambulance on the other side of the pit, the police on every corner. Suddenly there is the enormous cross made of two rusted girders.

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And suddenly, very suddenly, there is the little cemetery attached to St. Paul's Chapel, with tulips coming up, the chapel and grounds miraculously undamaged except for a few plastic-sheathed gravestones. The iron fence is almost invisible beneath a welter of dried pine wreaths, banners, ribbons, laminated poems and prayers and photographs, swags of paper cranes, withered flowers, baseball hats, rosary beads, teddy bears.

And flags, flags everywhere, little American flags fluttering in the breeze, flags on posters drawn by Brownie troops, flags on T-shirts, flags on hats, flags streaming by, tied to the handles of baby strollers.

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It takes quite a while to see all of this; it takes even longer to come up with something to say about it. An elderly man standing next to me had been staring fixedly across the street for some time. Finally he touched his son's elbow and said: ''I watched those towers being built. I saw this place when they weren't there. His son, waiting patiently, took a few photographs. Again and again I heard people say, ''It's unbelievable.

They wanted to say something more expressive, more meaningful.

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But it is unbelievable, to stare at so much devastation, and know it for devastation, and yet recognize that it does not look like the devastation one has imagined. Like me, perhaps, the people around me had in mind images from television and newspaper pictures: the collapsing buildings, the running office workers, the black plume of smoke against a bright blue sky. Like me, they were probably trying to superimpose those terrible images onto the industrious emptiness right in front of them.

The difficulty of this kind of mental revision is measured, I believe, by the brisk trade in World Trade Center photograph booklets at tables set up on street corners. In this command is also a sense of rhetoric as Hamlet assumes that Gertrude, like himself will hold his father in higher regards than Claudius. This was your husband.


Example sentences with the word nothing. Nangubli siyan sa puno ng baliti. Sa kabila ng puno tumigil ang dumating.

Nakilala ito ni Basilio-ang mag-aalahas nang mag-alis ito ng salamin. Nangsimulang maghukay si Simoun sa tulong ng isang asarol.

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Naalaala si Basilio. Ito ang taong tumulong sa paglilibing sa kanyang ina at sa pagsunog sa isa pang lalaking doon namatay. Nag-isip si Basilio. Sino sa dalawang lalaking ito. Love is Nothing and Everything Edna St. Nevertheless, in the final stanza it becomes evident that this in not a theoretical discussion of generic love.

There is now reference to a person and a time. Shakespeare's next comedy, the equally romantic Merchant of Venice, contains a portrayal of the vengeful Jewish moneylender Shylock, which reflects Elizabethan views but may appear derogatory to modern audiences.

Where nothing says everything thesis

Even though two texts can be about the same idea, they can have very different purposes. Emmett Till was a black teenager who was brutally murdered at the age of 14 for whistling at a white woman. The documentary, articles, and music are all based on him, but have very different purposes. The documentaries, in my eyes, are just there to tell you all the information.