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Only males were allowed in the university dining rooms, and after hours Franklin's colleagues went to men-only pubs. But Franklin persisted on the DNA project.

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Bernal called her X-ray photographs of DNA, "the most beautiful X-ray photographs of any substance ever taken. She was beaten to publication by Crick and Watson in part because of the friction between Wilkins and herself. When he saw the picture, the solution became apparent to him, and the results went into an article in Nature almost immediately. Franklin's work did appear as a supporting article in the same issue of the journal.

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A debate about the amount of credit due to Franklin continues. What is clear is that she did have a meaningful role in learning the structure of DNA and that she was a scientist of the first rank.

Franklin moved to J. Better Living through Molecular Neuropharmacology.

Rosalind Franklin: The unsung hero of DNA

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