Evaluation essay key points

If the thesis is absent, then make a note of this.

How to Start an Evaluation Essay

Check that the essay includes the minimum number of body paragraphs. The assignment sheet should clearly specify the number of body paragraphs students need to receive full credit. Count the number of paragraphs in the essay you're evaluating to make sure it meets these expectations. If the assignment sheet doesn't specify otherwise, the minimum number of body paragraphs in an essay is traditionally 3. There would only need to be 3 body paragraphs if the essay is meant to be a 5 paragraph essay.

If the essay is meant to be longer, then it should have about 2 body paragraphs per page. For example, a 4 page essay should have about 6 body paragraphs. A topic sentence provides the framework for the rest of the sentences in a paragraph. The most common place for a topic sentence is at the beginning of a paragraph, but it may turn up elsewhere in the paragraph as well. Look for the topic sentence and consider whether the rest of the paragraph focuses on this topic. Look for evidence in each of the body paragraphs if it is required. If the essay is supposed to include sources, then any claims the author makes should be backed up with evidence.

Note the use of descriptive language. If the essay is supposed to include descriptive language, such as vivid details and dialogue, then be on the lookout for it in the body paragraphs. This is a common feature of narrative essays, but descriptive language is a welcome addition to any essay.

She wore black Converse, ripped white jeans, a cherry red, v-neck t-shirt, and a silver locket that contained a picture of her father.

What is an Evaluation Essay

Her voice was deep and raspy, as if she had smoked for 20 years, but she had never even had a puff. Watch for transitions between sentences and paragraphs. Transitioning from one paragraph to another and from one sentence to another is much smoother with transition words and phrases.

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Look for these throughout the paragraph to determine if they are used enough. Some common transition words and phrases include: [10] Sequence: then, next, finally, first, second, third, last Cause and effect: for this reason, as a result, consequently, thus, therefore, hence Contrast or comparison: but, however, conversely, similarly, likewise, in the same way, also Example: for example, for instance, in fact, to illustrate Purpose: for this reason, to this end, for this purpose Time or place: before, after, immediately, in the meantime, below, above, to the south, nearby [11].

Note how the author readdresses the thesis statement. At the end of an essay, the author should restate or readdress the thesis statement in some way. It is ideal if the thesis is not repeated word-for-word. Instead, there should be a new discussion of the thesis in light of the information that the author presented in their body paragraphs. Consider what kind of impression the essay made on you. By the time you finish reading an essay, you should have some sort of takeaway from it. This could be in the form of a favorite scene, a poignant argument, or a vivid description that stuck with you.

Reflect on what you have just read to determine what stood out the most. An argumentative essay may leave you thinking about the moral dilemma raised by the author regarding gun control. An expository essay about polar bears might leave you with a new appreciation for their size and strength. Make sure no new information is introduced.

Writing an Evaluation Essay

A conclusion should not include any new information. It should only summarize the ideas presented in the essay. For example, if the restaurant meets most of the criteria laid out in the essay, the overall evaluation should be mostly positive, whereas if the most of the criteria is not met, the evaluation will be mostly negative. When selecting a topic for an evaluation essay, it is important to focus on a specific business, service, product or policy. In other words, evaluate a specific class English at Aims rather than evaluating a range of similar classes all Aims' writing classes.

Writing about a topic that you know about is also helpful. That makes it easier to establish the appropriate criteria, judgments and evidence. Online Writing Lab.

The Evaluation Essay The purpose of an evaluation essay is to demonstrate the overall quality or lack thereof of a particular product, business, place, service or program. Topic Selection When selecting a topic for an evaluation essay, it is important to focus on a specific business, service, product or policy. Then write down even more thoughts once you are finished.

Remember that too much of a delay could cause fuzzy recollection. Notes should be placed into three categories. The first are objective observations. For example,, whether or not you received food at a restaurant in less than ten minutes is objective. The second should be outright opinions. These are observations you make that are very subjective. The final category should be observations that mix both objective observations with subjective opinions.

This could be your thoughts and observation on friendliness. Whether or not a server thanks you for coming is objective.

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Your perceptions regarding their tone of voice on the other hand is subjective. Your outline should contain the beginnings of your intro paragraph including your thesis. The write out the main ideas and supporting arguments for each. Finally, outline your conclusion. Remember that your thesis should state whether or not the evaluation criteria have been met.

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Your intro paragraph should also clearly outline the standards and how those were established. Now is the time to take your notes and outline and complete your evaluation essay. Focus on clearly establishing the criteria and proving how each was met or not. Remember to transition smoothly from paragraph to paragraph.

As with any other essay, editing and proofreading is key. Double check for issues with spelling and grammar.