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Field Placement The field placement requirement includes hours of field work, or 20 hours weekly for two full semesters. School counseling students must complete their placements in the setting in which they plan to be endorsed i.

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Students must be approved for counseling practica and field placement by the Training Director. Approval requires the completion or concurrent enrollment in courses that comprise the counseling core.

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Successful completion of a counseling practicum experience is a prerequisite for enrollment in field placement. The comprehensive exam is comprised of three parts.

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Part 1 is the Counseling Core exam and is worth points. The student chooses two other components of the comprehensive examination from the following: 1 Statistics and Measurement, 2 Cognition and Learning, 3 Human Development, or 4 Behavior.

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Each of these two components is worth 50 points for a total of points. A passing score is out of points. Students should plan for the comprehensive exam by taking courses that prepare them for the exam e. Coping with catastrophe: emotion regulation, adult attachment security, and mindfulness as p Counselors' attributions of blame toward female survivors of battering.

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