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In this respect, it should be said that the weaknesses and strengths of various research designs.

Basically, it is possible to distinguish three major types of research design: randomized or true experiment, quasi-experiment and non-experiment. All these research designs imply the application of methods and strategies as well as other elements of a research which are the most effective for them. Moreover, they can be clearly distinguished into two categories: on the one hand, there are research designs that involve experiments, while, on the other hand, there are research designs that do not involve experiments or are non-experimental.

Such a view of experimental research designs is, to a significant extent, justified because if it is possible to implement an experimental research design well then the experiment is probably the strongest design with respect to internal validity Anderson, At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the internal validity is at the center of all causal or cause-effect inferences.

Therefore, when a researcher wants to determine whether some program or treatment causes some outcome or outcomes to occur, then he or she is interested in having strong internal validity. To put it in simple words, the research design may be briefly worded in the following manner: if the program is given, then the outcome occurs. In fact, such an obvious simplicity is probably the major strength of experimental research design which it is possible to refer the randomized or true experiment.

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On the other hand, there is quasi-experiment research design which looks like an experiment research design but lacks the key ingredient — the randomized assignment. Specialists Borg, argue that such research designs give the experimental purists a quasi feeling. With respect to internal validity, they often appear to be inferior to randomized experiments, but, nevertheless, taken as a group, these experiments are easily more frequently implemented than their randomized cousins Campbell, In this respect, it is important to explain that the randomized or true experiment research design implies that the design uses randomized assignment to groups.

As for the quasi-experiment design, this research design does not involve the use of randomized assignments to groups. Instead, it uses multiple groups or multiple waves of measurement. In actuality, these two types of design are quite different and have their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, the true experiment research provides the possibility to use the sample group and to make it pass through a series of assignment which can differ consistently.

In such a way, it will be possible to study in details the sample group and distinguish basic responses of the group to different assignments.

As a result, a detailed analysis of the sample group may be conducted and its reactions in different contexts may be researched. Basically, this research may be used effectively in social studies when the reactions of people on different environment are needed to study. For instance, researchers can use this research design to study the impact of various stressors on the relationship between people within the sample group.

The subjects can be exposed to various stressors and after that researchers can study how their relationship within the group changes and what is the reaction of the subjects on the stressors.

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  • However, this research design has a substantial drawback because the entire research, the experiment is focused on one sample group selected by the researcher. Hence, it is impossible to study possible effects of the experiment on different people. For instance, the impact of stress factors is different on different people, but various groups of people may develop different relationships and, therefore, the responses to the impact of stressors will be different.

    Consequently, their relationships will change in a different way and the use of one sample group only may be a substantial limitation for the entire research, its validity and reliability. In stark contrast, if multiple groups or waves of measurement are used this problem may be eliminated since researchers can analyze the outcomes and results of the research using multiple groups. In such a context, if responses of different groups do not coincide the researcher can reveal basic principles and points which are common for all the subjects of the research in all of the groups.

    On the other hand, the quasi-experiment research design, which involves multiple groups or waves of measurement, has its own limitation compared to the true-experiment design, since it does not use randomized assignments and, therefore, the entire research may be focused on the specific issue and it can fail to take into consideration the impact of other significant issues. For instance, returning to the example of the research of the impact of stressors on the relationship of a sample group, the quasi-experiment research design is likely to be focused on the impact of a specific type of stressors on multiple groups rather than on the use of various stressors on one sample group.

    As a result, the impact of one type of stressors can be researched in details only. Thus, it is obvious that various research methods can be applied to conduct a business research. At the same time, it is important to understand that the application of various methods can reveal numerous important factors which affect business, including cultural background of employees, which is particularly important nowadays, when many companies from Europe and the USA attempt to involve specialists from developing Asian countries, such as Thailand, where the local culture is totally different from traditional western culture.

    Part 2. The current development of international economic cooperation is characterized by the growing integration of countries in the field of economy. At the same time, the process of globalization, which has enhanced integrating trends, leads to the expansion of many European and American companies onto Asian markets, such as Thai market.

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    In actuality, Thailand is one of the leading Asian countries that attract foreign investors due to its natural and human resources. In this regard, the development of petrochemical industry in Thailand is particularly prospective, taking into consideration the fact that oil is a scarce resource, while traditional centers of petrochemical industry have been already divided between leading multinational corporations. In such a situation, many American companies, such as ExxonMobil, Texaco and others attempt to develop their business in Thailand, creating their subsidiaries in this country.

    At the same time, the penetration of American companies into Thai petrochemical industry implies the introduction of new management style, organizational culture, management strategies and approaches which are traditional for American companies, but, which are absolutely innovative and unfamiliar to Thai employees. In this respect, the gap between American and Thai culture is obvious, though many companies underestimate the significance of local cultural peculiarities and they attempt to establish their own organizational culture and management style, regardless of Thai culture and traditions.

    Obviously, such an approach to the development of business in Thailand is risky since the cultural gap between American managers and Thai employees can lead to communication problems and, what is more, it can undermine consistently the effectiveness of the organizational performance since employees are unable to maximize their performance because of the cultural difference in the management style and their traditions. In this respect, the studies of Thai culture Komin, reveals a huge gap between American and Thai cultures, which cannot fail to affect the organizational performance of American companies developing their business in Thailand.

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    Unlike American culture, which tends to individualism and professional success of each employee, Thai culture differs in a number of aspects. At this point, it is possible to remind the concept of face, which is of the utmost importance to Thai employees, who always attempt to maintain face and avoid criticism. In contrast to American individualism, Thai employees are particularly concerned with people around them. Furthermore, Thai employees exhibit gratitude to those who have shown kindness and consideration in relation to them.

    In such a context, interpersonal relations are very important to Thai employees and, what is more, they attempt to avoid conflicts and develop smooth interpersonal relationships. In addition, they develop interdependent social relations and appreciate achieving success through social relations more than individual success Komin, Obviously, these characteristic of Thai employees differ consistently from traditional American values, which are characterized by the high level of individualism, which makes the individual success the ultimate goal of an American employee.

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    Moreover, interpersonal relations in American environment can be accompanied by interpersonal conflicts, including conflicts between employees and managers, while for Thai employees the position and authority of managers is unchallengeable. Research objectives Taking into consideration the current trends of the growing penetration of American and European companies into Thai market, it is necessary to examine the assumptions behind the management technique of employee involvement.

    In actuality, the management style can be a determinant factor that defines the effectiveness of interaction between a manager and an employee. Furthermore, it is necessary to establish characteristics of the Thai national culture. In this respect, it is necessary to underline the fact that cultural background of managers and employees can, to a significant extent, define their interpersonal and professional relationships. In fact, the existing cultural gap can undermine the organizational performance if employees and managers cannot understand each other and interact as a team.

    The difference of the Thai culture can affect consistently the management style American and European companies should implement while developing their business in Thailand. The deliverables are: 1. Essay outline: a detailed outline of the content of the essay 4.

    What are study limitations?

    More detailed instructions on the timeline and deliverables can be found on Blackboard. It is advised to consult the SBB staff on your choice of topic at an early stage to make sure the topic meets all requirements. Students are required to send their Essay proposal to the SBB coordinator, who will select an essay supervisor that matched your essay topic.

    This can either be an SBB staff member or an external expert.

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    • Supervision will consist of four progress meetings where feedback on the submitted deliverables and guidance on the preparation of the next deliverable will be provided. The number of credits that students want to pursue determines the required length of the final deliverable. Specific requirements will be set during the first meeting with the Essay supervisor.

      Assessment and grading of the Essay will be based on the final essay that is handed in. The other deliverables are not formally assessed and graded, but failing to hand them in will result in the Essay not being graded. When assessing the Essay the supervisor will among other things take into account how clearly the research question was formulated, the quality of the data that was gathered, the quality of the data analysis and how well the conclusions were substantiated. A detailed marking scheme can be found on blackboard. Students can register for the course in uSis. Click here for instructions.