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Men who exhibit the traits of traditional masculinity are considered to possess hegemonic masculinity. In order to aspire to this social classification, there is a particular set of core features that a man must demonstrate. Public and private engagement with gender equality is scarce among males, which often obscures the issue and manifests dismissive attitudes. One of the main issues regarding gender equality is that men do not comprehensively understand how traditional masculinities disadvantage women.

Many men are unaware they exist within socially constructed gender structures that disenfranchise subordinated gender profiles, and therefore do not recognise a problem. Fortunately, attitudes, and the gender profiles they are associated with, are subject to social construction and transformation.

Christian argues that:. However, social construction and indeed, deconstruction, is contingent upon the participation of relevant stakeholders. The supportive involvement of all those affected by gender is required to effect gender equality. In other words, the global community as a whole.

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These attitudes present a considerable hurdle in reaching gender equality, as they are taught to children and carried on through the generations. One of the major principles of traditional masculinity that harms gender equality is that women are fundamentally inferior to men. This view can be traced back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who based this claim on the principles of reason.

Due to the fact that traditional masculinity discourages the expression of emotion, men rarely discuss their feelings. Evidence of this is presented in the positive relationship between traditional masculinity and depression among male university students in the UK and United States.

Hanninen and Valkonen argue that the principles of masculinity inhibit the expression of weakness or emotional distress and the seeking of help to remedy it.

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In other words, traditional masculinity is not equipped to respond to challenges that threaten its integrity, such as depression perceived as emotional weakness and gender equality. Changing or altering traditional masculinity should be more widely recognised as an important step towards realising gender equality. In light of this, some gender equality advocate groups around the world have identified the need to promote masculinities that are more conducive of change. MenEngage is a group for boys and men whose primary function is to advocate for equality between males and females.

Those who acknowledge the existence of gender equality, and seek to address it, agree that equality cannot progress without the contribution of males. By encouraging males to become more open and discuss their masculinities, it is possible to educate them on how their social roles and responsibilities impact women.

Developing male attitudes towards open acknowledgement of the gender profiles they operate within is an important step in reaching gender equality. These similarities included: having a peer-group or group of friends that were more accepting of gender-equitable attitudes; having personally suffered the negative impacts of traditional masculinity such as domestic violence; and, having a positive adult role model that represented an alternative to traditional gender roles.

Furthermore, this suggests that gender equality is achievable through the deconstruction of traditional masculinity as the hegemonic masculinity. Male stereotypes affect the manner in which males engage with gender equality, and traditional masculinity acts as the dominant masculinity for men. Although different masculinities exist for men, the idea of traditional masculinity remains the most influential.

Realising gender equality is difficult, because the fundamental characteristics exhibited by traditional masculinity defend against change.

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For global gender equality to progress, males must recognise themselves as fundamental actors and actively work to change the patriarchal structures, which benefit them to the exclusion of all others. Without the supportive contribution of males, gender equality is doomed to perpetuate existing power imbalances that favour traditional masculinity.

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To progress towards gender equality, efforts must be made to deconstruct traditional masculinity. Connell, Masculinities , 2 nd ed. Hughs and P. Zimmerman and C.

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Grossman and L. As a matter of fact, there is a narration that when the Christians of Najran came to Medina, the Holy Prophet sa even granted them permission to perform their worship in Masjid Al-Nabawi in their own manner. When some companions attempted to restrain them, the Holy Prophet sa forbade them. Thus, the Christians faced westward in the very Masjid Al-Nabawi and observed their own rites of worship. There is a narration regarding Hazrat Abu Bakr ra that whenever he would dispatch a Muslim army, he would especially instruct its commander to ensure that non-Muslim places of worship and religious elders were given full reverence, something he acquired from the blessed example of his Master sa.

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  • When Syria was conquered in the era of Hazrat Umar ra , the single most prominent aspect of the treaty that was settled between the Muslims and Christian population who lived there was religious freedom and tolerance. The Holy Prophet sa not only emphasised the desirability of tolerance in religious matters but set a very high standard in this respect.

    Youth for Tolerance , a group in Lebanon one of the most diverse yet disturbed countries in the world had this to say about tolerance:. In times of peace, people have a chance to prosper socially, economically and emotionally. Tolerance creates a society in which people can feel valued and respected, and in which there is room for every person, each with their own ideas, thoughts and dreams.

    This is why we believe tolerance is important: because it is an essential aspect of a healthy, livable society. In fact, it is the only way in which a country as diverse as Lebanon politically, religiously, economically can function and use each and every difference to make its people thrive rather than suffer. It is imperative that people show cultural tolerance where there is a diverse array of people of different cultural backgrounds. One must respect the culture of another irrespective of class, colour or creed.

    In this era, where there is enough maturity and sense of values of others, we still observe lack of tolerance regarding culture. A fresh example is that of France where Muslim women are not allowed to wear the veil in specific areas. If we think for a moment how Europe emphasises freedom of expression and then observe steps they have taken regarding Islamic culture, it shows us a clear lack of tolerance.

    We need to accept every individual of our society as our own. We have to be tolerant to any kind of culture whether it is — as the Promised Messiah as said — a Hindu culture in a Muslim society or a Muslim culture in a Hindu society. Only then can a society be called perfect and tolerant. A factor playing a major role in destroying the peace of the world are those self-perceived intelligent and liberal circles, who feel free to ridicule and mock founders of religions. This is not specific to Muslims, but whenever any person is forcibly suppressed due to their religion or belief, it will lead to a negative reaction through which peace will be severely harmed.

    The war in Syria is a fresh example of intolerance. Governments are hungry for power and to serve their interests they will use any means necessary. Tolerance and peace can help solve many problems, and wars are one thing that can be stopped by inducing these qualities. The problem is not that people are intolerant by nature. Seizing a teachable moment, Ouyang used the book to drive discussions about stereotypes, bias and bullying. As her students analyzed the book and explored the history of Chinese immigrants in the United States, they became more comfortable talking about racial stereotypes and their effects on the school.

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    Gathering the most detailed and accurate data possible can also help dismantle stereotypes. High achievement scores in a large group can mask the issues of individual students within the group who are struggling. The St. Paul, Minn. After instituting these practices, the district saw a percent rise in reading test scores at the Hmong Magnet School. In order to thrive, Asian-American students must be recognized and supported as individuals with unique needs—they must be made visible. That can happen only in a safe, inclusive environment. Issue 44, Summer Andrea Bittle. Illustration by James Yang. One district, three new Asian students with completely different needs. Who Is Asian-American?

    Invisible Students Asian-American students bring with them unique and vibrant cultural backgrounds, but educators often assume that these students share similar circumstances or lump them in with other racial groups. Start a Conversation Books are a great way to encourage students to examine multiple perspectives.