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Soundproofing is often necessary, but also, expensive. It can make a noisy house a quiet home.

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How can we allocate the materials and labor for cost effective soundproofing? Is it possible, and if so or not, how and why?

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How can we provide both cost effective and green friendly construction? What do we see in design that is new and different—as far as eco-friendly goes?

What ways are we affected negatively in terms of structure when it comes to going green? Come up with some research-based options.

How are the finances of engineering? Look at the economy of this industry and market.

What kind of engineering costs do you have and how are the cost? This can provide a unique insight on the field, as engineering is the sole of building. How do delays in construction affect the budget? How can you overcome delays from a management standpoint—avoiding other backlash or repercussions that could result? What strategies of construction management have been used throughout the ages?

How have trends changed? What can we draw on from the past to make a more successful future in the industry? Using these ideas and your own areas of personal interest, you ill find a brilliant topic perfect for you.


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While preparing a project management thesis, dissertation, essay or any assignment, one must be well-versed with the primary terminologies and requirements of the subject. Broadly, the assignment can be divided into 3 phases:. While working on a project management assignment, students, as well as working professionals, may find the need to emphasise on minute details such as PBS, WBS, RACI, project documentation, cost engineering and many more. Following are the topics that students as well as working professionals can choose from while preparing project management assignments:.

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