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The French Revolution had a deep impact on neighboring countries. The French Revolutionary armies during the s, and later under Napoleon, invaded and controlled Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and parts of Germany. The French invasion of these territories removed the legal and economic barriers that had protected the nobility, clergy, guilds and urban oligarchies. Instead the principle of equality before law was established. The Revolution thus destroyed the power of oligarchies and elites that opposed economic change.

Evidence suggests that areas that were occupied by the French and that underwent radical institutional reform experienced more rapid urbanization and economic growth, especially after The arrival of new economic and industrial opportunities in the second half of the 19th century then resulted in more economic growth of Europe.

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The French Revolution inspired the slaves in Saint Domingue to revolt forcing French leaders to recognize the full meaning of their revolution. The Haitian Revolution began on 22nd August as the slaves of Saint Domingue began to kill their masters plunging the colony into civil war.

It involved blacks, mulattoes, French, Spanish and British participants. The Haitian Revolution ended in with the independence of Haiti. It was the only slave uprising that led to the founding of a state which was both free from slavery, and ruled by non-whites and former captives.

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The influence of the Haitian Revolution spanned across every location that continued to practice slavery. It is now widely regarded as a defining moment in the history of racism. The early 19th century was dominated by the effects of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. In the decades following the peace of , many European countries were beset by social conflicts as their populations sought to assert their rights against the often autocratic rulers of their states.

This ushered in what is known as the Age of Revolutions , a period in which a number of significant revolutionary movements occurred in many parts of Europe and the Americas.

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Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Learnodo Newtonic. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. The French Revolution aspired to and achieved a government and society…. France and the British colonies in America experienced wars the opened the eyes of nations. The French Revolution and American Revolution drastically changed political thinking.

In the French Revolution, monarchism was abandoned and political power was given to the people until the country became out of control, and a military dictatorship was necessary to regain control of France.

French Revolution

In the American Revolution, a new nation was formed as the British colonies tore themselves away from the English monarchy…. The American and French revolutions were two of the most significant revolutions in history. These revolutions introduced several ideas that are still in effect today, bringing democracy among other ideas to both France and the United States.

During the s, America was under the rule of the British and France was under the rule of a king. After being ruled on unfairly by the British for decades, a revolution sparked in America. This was the case for the France, as well, which was ruled with an…. The French Revolution was more than the toppling of an old regime; those who lived through the revolution immediately knew the extreme importance of the event and outsiders looked towards France with great interest.

The French Revolution fundamentally changed the way about which social order and the driving force of civilization was thought and resulted in a cascading sequence of reformations of national governments. With such great magnitude inevitably followed a multitude of differing interpretations…. One may analyze the evolution of a revolution through a mathematical perspective, visualizing the ebb and flow of a society 's changes like that of a chart or graph.

Beyond the peaks and valleys of upheaval and reaction and between ideology and compromise, success is measured by the trendline. A close examination of a specific period reveals a revolutions state at a specific…. Many people consider him a tyrant and a traitor to the revolution since he named himself emperor and had more power than any bourbon King. An equal number of people, however, consider him a champion of the ideals of the French Revolution which was, in turn, based on Enlightenment thought.

Art and furniture, which had been taken out of France by the fleeing nobility and bourgeoisie, also found its way into Britain over the following decades. The revolution became a subject that fascinated historians and collectors well into the nineteenth century, some of whom, notably Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, brought together collections which document the period. During this time he put together the first edition of 'Lyrical Ballads' with William Wordsworth who was staying only a few miles away, in Holford.

William Wordsworth moved to Allan Bank in , and here he contemplated the European political scene in the wake of the French Revolution, writing such works as 'The Convention of Cintra'. Celebrated philosopher, historian, biographer, translator, novelist and essayist Thomas Carlyle wrote his masterpiece text, 'The French Revolution: A History', in the s.

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The marquis de Lafayette was an important player in the early stages of the French Revolution, advocating a moderate path of reform. As the Revolution descended into murderous chaos he was forced to flee but was captured and spent five years in prison, before his release by Napoleon in The medallion is one of a small group of images of prominent individuals in the French Revolution, made in the Wedgwood factory from around Romanticism was an artistic and intellectual movement which took place in Europe between the late eighteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge was one of the great Romantic poets.

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He was a writer of visionary imagination, lyric intensity and philosophical profundity. A story of friendship in a time of war and revolution - discover the history behind Gainsborough's elegant portrait of a French nobleman, returned to Knole after an absence of more than 80 years. When Thomas Carlyle turned eighty in , he received a birthday tribute from over one hundred eminent Victorians.