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The Research Paper Introduction in the Essay Structure

Explain the role of the existing literature in your research and what is completely new about your own concept. Explain what gaps you found in other sources, and why you decided to fill them with a new perspective. After you considered your work within a broader topic, explain why you decided to make your own contribution. Focus on the value of your research paper, its strong sides, and uniqueness. Now you have to articulate your hypothesis, which serves as your thesis statement.

The thesis statement narrows your topic and helps in focusing on its particular features, thus clearly defining the purpose of your research. Explain how you came to this idea by referencing the used sources. Sometimes an introduction must include a quick overview of the structure of your research paper. It represents the structure of sentences and logical sections. Sign In Chat. Open Navigation Close Navigation.

Publication Date: 26 Feb For many students, the introduction of a research paper may appear to be the most tricky part of the assignment. Announce the topic Start your introduction with a topic. Define your keywords Any research paper written for publication requires you to provide a list of keywords which reflects considered issues. Define specific concepts and terms You have to make sure that your readers understand all necessary terms and concepts. Introduce your topic In case your paper is devoted to social science or humanities, you have an opportunity to use some creative methods.

Note that its main purpose is to announce the topic. You can write a short story from your life that illustrates your topic. Include a literature review It depends on the length of your research paper, but most often, you have to include the literature review. Just write an overview of recent works and most relevant issues.

A good literature review explains the importance of your topic and provides readers with an understanding of the background of your research. Consider the used literature in relation to your own contribution A comprehensive review of the used literature is a great way to explain the importance of your own work. Clarify your motivation After you considered your work within a broader topic, explain why you decided to make your own contribution.

For example, when writing a scientific research, focus on advantages of your methods and used models. Point out what features of your work are fresh and unique. Define the purpose of your research and how it can be used.

What should be in the introduction of a research paper?

Research questions must be formulated clearly and concisely. If possible try to avoid using the word "hypothesis" and rather make this implicit in your writing. In a scientific paper, giving a clear one-sentence overview of your results and their relation to your hypothesis makes the information clear and accessible. Outline the structure of your paper. In some cases the final part of an introduction to a research paper will be a few lines that provide an overview of the structure of the body of the paper. This is not always necessary and you should pay attention to the writing conventions in your discipline.

In a natural sciences paper, for example, there is a fairly rigid structure which you will be following. Sample Research Introduction for Humanities. Sample Research Introduction Starters. There's no official word count for an introduction but brevity is the soul of clarity. Do a sentence to get the reader interested in your topic and a sentence to state your thesis. You also want to include a few sentences briefly outlining the important points in the paper and some background information, if necessary. Write at least five to eight clear, concise sentences.

Get to the point and don't make it too wordy. Yes No. Not Helpful 17 Helpful I want to write an introduction on my research; the topic is carbohydrates.

How can I do this? Carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients in our diet fat and protein being the others. They exist in many forms and are mainly found in starchy foods such as bread, pasta, and rice, as well as in some beverages, e. Carbohydrates represent the most important source of energy for the body, and are vital for a varied and balanced diet.

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Not Helpful 25 Helpful How would I write a research introduction about addiction to online gaming? Explain how online gaming has become a daily activity for many people and how it becomes addictive. Outline the basic points of the research you plan to present in the rest of your paper without getting into specifics.

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Not Helpful 19 Helpful Start with "I am so and so, here to present this" and not "My name is so and so. Not Helpful 29 Helpful How do I write a research introduction on the high school drop out rate? Start with a statistic and work from there. The best thing you can start with is a catchy piece of information or phrase.

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Not Helpful 11 Helpful I am writing about restorative justice, plea of temporary insanity for murder and what we can do as psychologists. Can you give me a clue for introduction? Give an overview of the current state, heavily cited, and why it leads you to believe a closer look is warranted. Use the intro to provide justification for the rest of the paper being written.

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Not Helpful 20 Helpful Piper Ridge. Basketball is too broad of a topic. What specifically do you want to talk about? Do you want to talk about what it is like to work as a player? The dangers of the sport? How the sport has changed from when it was first invented?

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Not Helpful 13 Helpful Is it an argumentative essay or an objective informative essay? You can talk about the history of how cigarettes came to be, why they are sold in stores, health issues, what they are made of, etc. Not Helpful 18 Helpful How do I write a research introduction on computer buses and performance? You can say something like: "Computers brought about ease in human performance.

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Regardless of that the computer performance can be hindered by various ways. According to this research l discovered the following.. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 6. How do I write an introduction of two different pieces of literature and how they share a common theme? State the titles and authors of the two pieces of literature, then state in a sentence or two what you believe they have in common.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. Unanswered Questions. How should I introduce my research topic on awareness and application of sustainable construction? Answer this question Flag as Flag as How should I start a research introduction about food innovation? How do I start a research introduction? How do I write an introduction on a topic? How do I write a research introduction about the challenges experienced by patients in managing radiotherapy side effects?

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