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Foucault's Authors and Film Auteurs.

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While Foucault refers primarily to literary texts in this piece, he acknowledges that the author function can apply to other sources as well. Thus, his work would go unaffected. First, Foucault states that the idea of the author emerged partially as a way of holding writers responsible for their texts. For example, contemporary viewers can critique John Ford for his racist depictions of Native Americans in The Searchers , or call out D. Long before Truffaut, moviegoers and critics could already recognize certain directors as authorities in their moviemaking process.

A Discussion of Tim Burton's Works and Its Themes

Even when the studio system controlled Hollywood, directors such as Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles were able to take authorship of their own movies. Likewise, this same argument applies to the individual directors and authors who establish their style over time. To establish such a recognizable mark, the director must implement it repeatedly in his or her movies.

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One must take a more holistic approach to the director, observing his or her style as something that developed over an entire career. Only then might a viewer realize the recurring motifs that grant him or her the auteur status. This is perhaps the characteristic that translates to auteur theory most conspicuously.

In this battle he defeats Scar but spared his life; He makes Scar admit that he was the one that murdered Mufasa. Simba takes his rightful place on pride rock on his road back home. Simba is resurrected he is accepted back into the Pride and he returns with the Elixir and the pride lands are returned to normal.

Simba went through the journey from start to finish in what that viewer saw as continual growth and development of courage This style has been used in films to reflect the tensions and depression of the time during the war. Characters in the films during that time would show feelings and emotions such as fear, despair, grieve and paranoia to reflect that terrible War feeling Free Essays words 6.

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Are they born that way or do they become evil from past experiences. These are the questions that many people ask regarding the people in this world that are truly maleficent. In the movie, Batman: The Dark Knight, all of the main characters have a dark side to them, including Batman who is commonly known in our society as a hero.

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Better Essays words 3 pages. The latter of these types of directors is called an auteur.

follow site Better Essays words 5. In order to appreciate something for all that it truly is, one must learn to compare it to its opposite. These opposites both complement each other and bring out the worst in one another. Moreover, they also produce energy through the tension they create. This is true of opposition everywhere, literature included.

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